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Special Events

Neue Hamburg Orchestra

Petros Stylianou, Music Director

Hamburg, Germany – June 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

London Young Players' Consortium

London, UK – May 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

Nobres, Poema

London Concert Sinfonia

George Hlawiczka, Music Director

London, UK – May 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

Aurelia performs with renowned conductor, Benjamin Zander

Aurelia was recently invited to perform in front of hundreds of people with the famed conductor, Benjamin Zander.  This was such a special opportunity for her because the entire audience was composed of non-musicians.  No one was there to hear her or her Rococo or Bach.  Instead, people were coming to learn about life and the decisions that come with it, that we face every single day.

She was able to perform right in front of people, watch their reactions to changes in Bach, to understanding the music, and she loved it.  It’s so important to spread classical music around the world, everywhere we go- not just to the audiences we already have.

This was the first time she has performed for such a huge audience like this and she came away exhausted and inspired.  I asked her why she felt so tired, and she said that felt a need to convince every person in the audience to listen to some classical music, to convince them that it’s not boring.

Sometimes, as musicians, we might go along our daily life, performing here, teaching there, but we need to keep our eye on the diamond,  giving this gift to others.

Northeastern Sinfonia

Michael Wittenburg, Conductor

New York, NY – April 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

New York Chamber Players at Carnegie Hall

Alan Frieles, Conductor

New York, NY – April 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

SEEN Orchestra at Ganz Hall

Connor Gray Covington, Conductor

Chicago, IL – Jan 2024

Elgar, Cello Concerto

The Ashland Symphony

Michael Repper (Grammy Winner), Conductor

Ashland, Ohio – March 2024

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

2024 World Premiere performance

Canzoni Berlesche, composed by Alessandro Spazzoli

Fox Valley Orchestra

Kevin Sütterlin, Conductor

Chicago, IL – January 2024

Elgar, Cello Concerto

The Sound Symphony

Dorothy Savitch, Conductor

Long Island, NY

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations

The New Hampshire Philharmonic

Mark Latham, Conductor

Dover, NH

Elgar, Cello Concerto